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Brands are assets that derive their value from what people think of them. Hence METRIQUITY incorporates perceptual rather than behavioral or product specific dimensions of brand equity.

The brand equity is measured along 5 dimensions viz. perceived performance, perceived value, image, trustworthiness and commitment. Brand equity is measured in comparison with competing brands. The brand equity pyramid is built as presence at the base going to bonding at the top through the stages of relevance, value, risk and image.

Ad recall

The quintessential solution, for measuring ad recall. Currently being offered only on Indian shores, this products enables, quick week on week ad recall acroos categories on Television. This is India’s only ad recall track, which we have christened as WARTRACK. Visit the microsite today.

The ad recall survey process allows organization to ask questions to prospective Respondents in SEC A categories in an omnibus format, to gauge quickly and efficiently on many advertising and branding related- viewer opinions. (Launching Soon)

TV Ad Audit

Creating a credible and dependable source for ad audit and ad monitoring was a the goal behind setting up a definitive product aimed at auditing advertising over 100+ channels in India. This product too, is under the WARTRACK product portfolio, and more information can be seen here. (Launching soon)


In 2010, Metric invested in a small company to start a branding, company, Today Studio M (Studio Metric Pvt Ltd) has become one of the most dominant forces in corporate, training, educational and promotional films. Backed by a strong knowledge in Graphics and Web, Studio M is a full service branding company, utilizing, the legendary Metric Research inputs to create better and far reaching product. Visit their site here.