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Buying Intentions

BI (pronounce “Buy”) provides a track and a mood meter for buying intentions. Conducted on a monthly basis, this survey is a subscription-based service which enables decision makers with a key matrix to enable them to take decision dependent on customer buying preferences and behaviors.

Application of the same are useful to gauge demand, position and launch products appropriately. Better pricing decisions and most of all create schemes and bonuses to drive demand.

BI is a service that should be clubbed with other Metric products- such as potential mapping or demand forecasting for best resource utilization.


M PRICE analyses optimum price in terms of sales maximizing price and profit maximizing price.

M PRICE also looks upon the price as a variable which conveys quality value to the customer and analyze price into value increasing price, too expensive price, and too inexpensive price.

Various established methods of pricing like multi dimensional, econometric modeling, Gabor Granger modeling and Van Westerndrop methodology, client gets a range within which product should optimally price. He can also estimate demand sensitivity to the price around optimum pricing point.

Potential Mapping

Demand Forecasting