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Moster (Monitoring Satisfaction to Ensure Retention)

Traditional customer satisfaction measurement methodologies suffer from two major drawbacks. The first drawback was that the relationship between performance and satisfaction was presumed to be a directly and continuously linear. The second drawback was that the importance of attributes was derived through co-relation, the methodology which is intrinsically problematic to infer relationship and also may be misleading because of problems of multi co-linearity.

Metric’s MOSTER system overcomes both the problems. It is based on Dr.Noriaki Kano’s theory of two dimensional qualities. It classify attributes into three groups viz. delight possibility attributes, dis-satisfaction possibility attributes and continuous attributes.

MOSTER methodology finds out customer expectations in terms of dis-satisfaction and delight thresholds. The satisfaction on each attribute of an individual is understood in context of his own threshold values.

The findings and recommendations pin point actions urgent attributes and product improvement in delighted customers as a consequence of marginal improvement in the most important attributes.

This is a very popular model of Metric. It is used by more than 300 organizations in 56 countries.


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Customer Value Management

Customer satisfaction and delight can be increased by offering him ‘best of everything’. However, such a product will become very costly and the customer often doesn’t find the totality of the benefits worth the totality of the cost he has to pay. Customer value management model compares the benefit to cost ratio offered by various competing products through customer point of view.

A relative value map is plotted where satisfaction with overall product quality is on the X axis and price satisfaction is on the Y axis. Obviously the 45o line is the equal pay off line.

The findings will indicate how clients brand is placed vis-à-vis competing brands of this relative value may be what is the route of growth to better value zone and the best value proposition position.