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Metric offers a wide range of training programs custom made and tailored to each organization’s specific needs. These programs are made to enable the best performance from your human resource. Metric’s legendary training modules have been used to train Tens of Thousand of personnel across verticals of Petroleum, Automobile, Agricultural Inputs, Ancillary Services, Heavy Machinery, Media, Real Estate, Industrial Inputs and so many more.

Our Training programs have crossed subjects- from ethics to sales and from communication to benefit selling.

Metric’s highly reputed trainers are continuously taught and put through rigorous training to ensure consistent excellence across hundreds of training programs.

With capabilities in almost all Indian Languages, Metric, is one of the few players to have created such a large space for itself in the training industry.

Employee Engagement

Mods 20 Degrees- Engagement of an employee is his willingness to contribute his discretional efforts to achieve organizational goals. MODS 20 DEGREES measures not only company’s inputs, as is done in all other engagement models, but also measures contribution of employee himself and contribution of work place in the engagement.

The importance of each attribute in the process of engagement is derived by non-linear multi dimensional regression analysis.

The research methodology leads 8 typological employee profiles like wait and watch, better transfer, loyal to Boss, etc. Survey and analysis methods of MODS 20 DEGREES place each surveyed employee into one of the 8 typological categories.

Employee Satisfaction


Personnel Forum one of the leading Placement firms in India was integrated into Metric in 2008. This division of Metric, aims at placing the right person at the right place in the right time. Personnel forum has been dedicated to place thousand of candidates in hundreds of countries over more than two decades of history.

Read more about Personnel Forum at http://www.personnel-forum.com