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Strategic Sourcing

We at Metric understand that Vendors are one of the most important stakeholders when it comes to the production process. The right vendor can offer just in time delivery, is with you through the thick and thin of business and allows for hassle free product development and production cycles.

However, this being said, finding the right vendor with the Ethical & Cultural values that match your organization is a difficult task to handle. Metric unique Senior Consultant Based system maps the fit of a prospective vendors on various attributes such as Financial Performance, Entrepreneurship, Technical Know how, ethics, values and much more, to find the perfect vendors for your organizations.

This service can be implemented across national boundaries from the remotest of corners of the world to the industrial capitals to ensure your next vendor is great at the price vs quality fundamental as needed by you.

Vendor Satisfaction & Engagement

Vendors are important stakeholders in the growth of your business. Understanding this, monitoring Vendor Satisfaction and Engagement is critical to a constantly evolving and ideally improving buyer- vendor relationship.

Metric through its patented Satisfaction Methodology MOSTER for Satisfaction measurement and MODS 20 Degrees- Metric’s Engagement model give you truly actionable and granular results.

These studies can be applied through the entire cross-section of the vendor organization to understand ratings of various touch points within the vendor organization to you and their Satisfaction/ Engagements numbers. This enables more focused improvement strategies within your organization to enable a healthier relationships.