Market Research Opinion Poll
Market Research Opinion Poll

Market Research

Satisfaction | Advocacy | Loyalty

Metric uses open source, proprietary and multi-pronged tools to gauge stakeholder Satisfaction, Advocacy and Loyalty. Our systems and wide range of methodologies ensure great value for client teams to deliver better results Year on Year

Demand Analytics & Go To Market

Generating Insights that deliver the best strategic input for your next product or service in complex markets is one of our Forte's. Innovating research methods to toruly gauge and quantify your Products' Market potential, keeping a focus on Go To Market strategies

Channel Architecture

Location Studies, Network Planning and Partner Potential

Social Research

Opinion Polls, Baseline Studies, Impact Evaluation & Policy Evaluation

Awards & Audits

Our impeccable records helps us be at the forefront of providing audit services for various Industrial and B2B award processes.

We further create unique solutions for clients to do Mystery Customer, Infrastructure Audits and Service Delivery Audits

Business Excellence

Assessment of Organisational Culture & Climate, Leadership Styles and Process Assessments